Open Recruitment Day - 9th October 2023

Join our team of hospitality professionals, dedicated to new levels of elegance and sophistication, and carve your niche in this exciting hospitality environment. On Tuesday, 9th October 2023 we are hosting an exclusive open recruitment day, as we look for ambitious new talents to join to our Conservatorium Hotel team. Are you passionate, energetic and motivated to deliver great service? Then we’re looking for you to join our vibrant team!

We want to hear from people who relish a challenge, who are looking to be inspired, and who seek a professional craft or career.


At the Conservatorium hotel in Amsterdam, we are committed to ‘changing the language’ of luxury and service. We are looking for passionate and energetic colleagues who embrace our vibrant culture – and who are motivated to deliver great service in an atmosphere of spontaneity and


We offer a variety of internships in almost all of our departments. Our internships are tailored towards creating a real-life learning experience that adds value to your career growth and our service-quality.


Please send us your application through or apply via the link below. Would you like to speak to us directly? Reach us by phone on +31(0)20-5700042.

Stories Behind Our Faces

Gota Kaneda – Sushi chef since 2016

“It doesn’t matter where you come from in this kitchen team, it’s about skills, and I have those skills when it comes to sushi. It’s not as simple as just fish and rice. It’s about details, a lot of details. I was hired here for my experience as a traditional sushi chef, but restaurant Taiko is not just that: it is Asian with a twist. I know that it is very Dutch to be direct and it is not the Japanese style. But when it comes to the fish, I have no qualms about saying this salmon isn’t good, bring it back. I doubt I’ll ever go back to Japan. Amsterdam suits me well.”

Leticia Frimpong – Room attendant since 2014

“Almost every month, I’m awarded ‘room attendant of the month’. My secret? I take my time. I do everything with care. That has to be. Many rooms have a lot of glass, you can see every fingerprint. The only way to do it right is to do it thoroughly. I love it when it’s busy. If the hotel moves, I move with it. I’m proud of it when it’s neat. If the sheets are tight, the pillows are straight. It always has to be perfect, I wouldn’t want it any other way.”

Etan Sela – concierge since 2011

“In the ten years I’ve been working here, I’ve really seen the level of Amsterdam as a city rise. In my job, I know what people want before they know it themselves. To find out, I ask questions and listen. Where are you from? How long have you been together? Are you tired? And meanwhile I sense. Then I’ll arrange it. Doesn’t matter, everything is possible, I’m here for the guest. Okay, and a little for myself. Every time I walk in here, it’s: Etan’s in, let the show begin. Best job in the world, absolutely.”

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